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Bain Capital, Tax Returns and the Kitchen Sink

This campaign season we are likely to endure new heights in campaign financing.  These record-breaking figures might be responsible for many debatable effects, but there is one thing they will most definitely do and that is drive up the number of ads that … Continue reading

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Democrats to the Left of Me, Republicans to the Right, and I’m Stuck in the Middle With You

I spend a lot of my time reading the news.  I must admit I have a guilty somewhat masochistic habit.  I almost always read the comments section, at least until the commenters show me why I shouldn’t.  There is always at least one … Continue reading

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Breaking the Banks

There are talks in our country of austerity.  There has been a call for fiscal responsibility for our government and that call seems legitimate in the face of rising debt. Tthere is a missing piece in the discussion of austerity, especially when … Continue reading

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