An Introduction to One Voice

Hello to anyone who might read this.  I started this blog for a very simple reason.  I wanted a place to write about issues and concerns that I see in my life.  These concerns might be personal, but they will also cover topics from politics to business to anything that I feel deserves a paragraph or a line.

So, what qualifies me for discussing such topics.  Well, I am a college graduate and I am most likely addicted to reading the news.  Other than those qualifications, I have spent years dealing with the public through work.  Most observations I make about people stem from years of interaction with strangers.  I will strive to offer sources for all facts that I use as support for my arguments, or I will make clear that it is a personal observation or opinion.

I also try to avoid bias.  I say try because it is difficult to avoid bias entirely.  I will have a bias towards facts, in this I mean that I will always attempt to get a story from as many sides as possible but sometimes facts don’t allow many sides.  The hope is that this blog will be many things, but above all others the hope is that it will be thought-provoking.  I will always come from the perspective that doubt is better than unquestioning loyalty, that there is always room for improvement, and that information is better than ignorance.

For now, I will say until next time.

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