Changing Your Mind

We have all been in the situation where irrevocably undeniably we were wrong.  The sudden feeling of doubt and shame in realizing our ignorance and sometimes our stubbornness in seeing the truth.  How did we get to that point?  The point where no amount of proof would work until the mounting evidence was too large to dismiss any longer.  For some reason or another we needed or wanted to believe the opposite of  the evidence.  We backed ourselves into a corner and fought to never be dragged out of it.  So why back into the corner at all?  We shouldn’t force others to change our minds, we should just keep an open mind in the first place.

We don’t go into a courtroom and listen to opening remarks and then decide the trial.  No, we let both the defense and prosecution give all the evidence they feel is pertinent to the trial and then the jury decides based on that evidence.  Every one of our minds is a courtroom, not a prison.  A prison holds our thoughts prisoner, unchanging in routine or habit.  A courtroom makes us good citizens.  Critical thinking and informed people are the backbone of every democratic nation.  Imprisoned people are the backbone of every tyranny.

It doesn’t matter what your political or social beliefs are, they shouldn’t be in stone.  Stone breaks.  Your beliefs should be in clay; clay can mold and adapt to new situations.  Clay survives where stone can’t.  The only way to help our country, no matter which party you feel a part of, is to work together.  If we can’t find compromise or even room for real discussion then we are certainly going to break, shattered like the stone etched beliefs we hold.  Everything in our country isn’t great.  Admitting that is the first step towards making things better.


About cartmilln

I am a graduate with a BA in English who has spent the past eight years of my life in one form of retail or another. I am believer in facts and an informed electorate. I don't feel that either side of our political spectrum is "right". Count me among those blindly hopeful who believe that the United States' population is capable of intelligent discourse.
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